Tuckpointing is an important part of any repair and renovation projects. If you’re not familiar with the term, know that masonry tuckpointing is highly essential for maintaining the integrity and strength of any building structures.

From time to time, every building owner, whether residential or commercial, should have the mortar in the structures inspected and replaced so that the building can withstand any kind of climate conditions.

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Chicago Tuckpointing and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Tuckpointing and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Tuckpointing and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Tuckpointing and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Tuckpointing and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Tuckpointing and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Tuckpointing and Masonry Inc.
Chicago Tuckpointing and Masonry Inc.

When you’re looking for nothing but the best of services at affordable tuckpointing costs, you can’t go wrong with hiring one of the reputable concrete companies in Chicago. We offer a whole range of services and take up all kinds of projects, large and small. Here’s an overview:

  • Tuckpointing
  • Restoring historical buildings to their former status and stature
  • Repairing chimneys
  • Brick and masonry repair
  • Brick pointing and mortar repair
  • Replacing coping and flashing to prevent water seepage
  • Repairing parapet walls that secure the edges of terraces and walkways
  • Repairing and replacing steel lintel
  • Renovating high rise facades and curtain walls to add a contemporary look

But, Why Tuckpointing?

Every building is created using bricks and stone held together with masonry. Over time, the masonry can start to erode and acquire cracks. Most breakdowns occur when rain and precipitation enter into the pores of the masonry. Chicago’s freezing temperatures can cause the moisture to turn into ice crystals which expand in the cracks. As a result, the mortar starts to erode even faster.

Repairing this wear and tear is what tuckpointing is all about. Also called repointing, the process involves removing the existing old and deteriorating mortar which joins the bricks and replacing it with fresh masonry. While the entire project may seem pretty straightforward to the layperson, the experts at Tuckpointing Chicago Inc. will explain that many nuances go into choosing and installing fresh mortar.

Choosing the Right Mortar is Essential

To begin with, the new masonry should match the old mortar. Further, expertise is needed to make sure that the fresh mortar is carefully affixed into place. As one of the leading tuckpointing companies in Chicago, our teams will inspect the site and identify the age of the structure and the kind of mortar that was originally used. Next, using the right tuckpointing tools, they’ll get to work repairing the eroded sections so that the entire structure regains its integrity and is capable of lasting a long while. Tuckpointing is not just about restoring the aesthetic appeal of the building exteriors, it is also about reinforcing its structural strength. If left untreated, you risk water seepage and damage to the other components of the entire building.

Regular Repairs Keep Your Property Compliant with Regulations

When you bring in commercial concrete companies like Tuckpointing Chicago Inc., you can rest assured that we’ll conduct the necessary inspections and make the right recommendations. Rely on our expertise gained from more than 20 years in the business to direct you on how to remain compliant with Building Code Violations. We can also advise you on the permits that you need to obtain and resolve any possible issues. We can assist you with the entire process, from getting the mandatory permits, taking care of the repair work that needs to be done, and meeting with the inspector. Our job is done only after the inspector has visited the site and approved the project.

Even More Services

In addition to tuckpointing services, we also provide waterproofing. Call us in to undertake any kind of coating and sealing projects. We also accept projects for replacing old and worn out caulking.

  • Interior Stucco
  • Plastering
  • Siding
  • Waterproofing 
  • Replacing the caulking around windows and doors
  • Power washing and pressure washing 
  • Chemical washing
  • Elastomeric waterproofing that forms a thick, yet flexible coating on any structure
  • Caulking on garage decks
  • Replacing and repairing all kinds of glass windows and glass block windows
  • Renovating sidings and gutters


Chicago Tuckpointing and Masonry Inc. is a commercial & residential tuckpointing company offering tuckpointing, general construction, and masonry work to Chicago and surrounding communities.